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We believe relationships are essential to our health and happiness. 


We Are Busy Creating a Future

Where you feel strong, loved and supported, even in the midst of being sick or getting older. 

Where everyone around you knows exactly how to help out—a team equipped to contribute their best at just the right time.

 Where the tough stuff gets done faster as a team, leaving more time to laugh, heal and thrive together.  

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We use technology to make it easier to care for one another, especially during a health crisis, aging or chronic illness. 



from people you know so you can heal and thrive. It leverages mobile technology to capture value from underutilized capacities of family, friends, neighbors and others who help streamline life logistics such as transportation, meals, errands or shopping for medical supplies.

About Us

We founded Weal Life with decades of entrepreneurial and investment experience in technology development, health care, design, executive leadership, and community engagement. 

Our personal experiences being a hospice volunteer, kidney donor, children of aging parents, and supporters of loved ones living with mental health challenges or recovering from strokes MS and cancer, have shaped our passion for leveraging technology to nurture supportive relationships and better health. 



We are trailblazing by choosing to incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation. This new type of legal entity allows us to intentionally design commercial value that has intrinsic social and environmental impact. 

We are currently in private beta, but be sure to leave your email below for updates on our public launch. 

We're looking for participants to “test drive” the Weal Life mobile app experience for a 60-day pilot study. Please click here if you are interested.