I need some tips on getting started!

Welcome to Weal Life! We’re so glad you’ve found your way here. Our mission is to make taking care of one another during a health event or challenge easier and more joyful. Let’s get started!

  • Visit our “Get Ideas” section in the app for inspiration on Tasks you can add to your Home page and items you can add to Wishlist


  • Invite your contacts to your Weal team. Click on the drop down menu in the app, then Invite to send SMS and email invitations. (Tip: Everyone loves feeling special! You can customize your SMS invitations before you send them).

●       Let social media know you’re on Weal. Post an invitation to join your team on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by copying and pasting this message:

Weal Life brings people together when support is most needed. I've created a Weal team because [**describe your situation here**]. I invite you to join me on this journey by clicking the link below and joining Weal with me. Thank you in advance for your support! It helps to know that we're all in this together ;)

[**Include the link to your Weal team or your unique invite code here**]

Can I use Weal Life on my desktop computer or iPad?

Initial feedback from users showed that most wanted to participate in Weal “on-the-go” so mobile was a priority. Our team is working hard to add desktop and iPad versions soon!.  

You can still use iPad or a desktop computer to sign up for Weal Life, confirm your account, and respond to email invitations. However, you need to use a mobile phone to access the app for now. 

Who can see my Weal team?

We respect your privacy and have made our Privacy Policy available here. Only people who have been invited to your team’s unique link or invite code can join your team.

Do keep in mind that people on your team can invite their own contacts, so inform your team members if you prefer to do all the inviting for privacy reasons.

How will I know if someone I invited has joined my Team?

You will see their username listed on your Team page.

How will I know when someone has accepted a task?

When a team member has responded to a task or when an action is required on your part, the yellow notification badge will light up in the Weal Life app. Swipe up to see what’s new and respond to your teammates!



Can I create multiple teams and manage them at once?

Yes! We realize that Weal Life is relevant to many life situations that may or may not be happening at the same time, and the app gives you the ability to toggle between teams that you’ve created or have been invited to.

Can I raise money using Weal Life?

Weal Life is intended to make taking care of one another easier, which can mean donations or fundraisers! There is not a payments processing system available in the Weal Life app, but you can add Amazon giftcards and other gifts with monetary value to the Wishlist.

What does it mean if an item on my Wishlist is marked as “Reserved”?

Reserve a gift on the Wishlist you intend to buy. This lets your team know that the gift is being purchased to avoid duplicates.

If something changes, items can be moved back to the Wishlist from your Reserved list. You can purchase a Reserved item by tapping it then tapping Buy Now.

How can I add my Weal tasks to my calendar?

When you assign yourself to a task, Weal will ask you if you would like to enable your phone's default calendar. 

I can't see my tasks on my phone's default calendar. 

If you did not allow Weal Life to access your calendar, you will not be prompted again and you will not see your tasks on your calendar. To fix this, go to Settings in the app and click on Calendar. If calendar is disabled, click on Manage Settings to grant Weal Life access to your calendar. 

If you see that calendar is enabled already but you're still not seeing your tasks, check your phone for any other calendar apps or calendars that came with the factory settings. It's likely that your phone is using one of these as the default calendar. 

How can I delete a comment or a task?

In Chat, you can delete a post by pressing and holding on the comment until you see the option to delete the post:


You can delete a task on your Home screen by clicking on the task, then click edit, and choose Delete Task under the Notes section:


How can I delete my team?  

Click on Team in the side menu, then click Edit. At the bottom of the screen, click Delete Team. You will NOT be able to recover this team once it's deleted. 

How can I remove a person from the team?

If you would like to remove a person from your Weal team, click on Team in the sidebar menu, then click the settings wheel next to the person's name whom you'd like to remove from the team.