The word "Weal" means health, happiness and mutual well-being.  We founded Weal Life as a public benefit corporation with simple motivations:  to spark more meaningful human connection and joy during life's toughest times.  Our first Weal mobile app supports everyday people who are caring for their friends and family experiencing an illness or aging.


To confirm that you'd like to participate and get on-boarded for the study, please schedule your call with us here.


We can't wait to have you “test drive” the Weal Life mobile app experience during this 60-day study!  Weal Life is trying to better understand the app's impact on the lives of our users who are taking care of a loved one (or themselves) struggling with a health challenge such as cancer or a surgery so that we can continue to improve our products. 

You can use Weal's mobile app to more efficiently coordinate a team of your family and friends who can help out in practical ways, from near or afar.  We'll ask for your feedback via three short online surveys and a conveniently scheduled phone interview.

Most people are excited about the opportunity to use their own experience to help others.  Additionally, by initiating a Weal team and completing all phases of the study, you are eligible for a US$100 Amazon credit.  

We respect you and so have made our privacy policy, terms & conditions and the terms of participation accessible.