Research shows Weal's platform has positive impact on health, financial stability & wellbeing.

  • 100% report Weal makes it easier to coordinate care for someone with a health challenge.
  • 89% report that using Weal lessened feelings of isolation and anxiety about health, daily stress or emotional exhaustion.
  • 82% report a positive perception of the reliability of their support network during challenging experiences.
  • 25% report that using Weal meant they could attend medical appointments they otherwise would have missed.
  • 38% report being more likely to adhere to take medicine on-time because they used Weal.
  • 75% report their professional situation improved or remained stable.
  • 50% report their financial security improved or remained stable.
  • 50% report they are more likely to get better sleep when supported by others in Weal's app.
  • 88% report increased sense of joy and overall improvement from strain of care responsibilities.

User Voices: Surgery & Cancer Care

Click the arrows to hear about Maria and Stephan's journey with Weal Life.


Our team actively volunteers in the community. In solidarity with our app users struggling with lung disease and COPD, we partnered with the century-old non-profit, Breathe California, to support their annual Bike For Breath fundraiser. We also support the diverse work of pioneers like Family Caregiver Alliance.