Our passion for nurturing supportive relationships and better health comes from personal experiences as a hospice volunteer, kidney donor, children of aging parents, and supporters of loved ones challenged by mental health, strokes, MS and cancer.

Jacob Waddles:

Co-Founder & CTO

Keely Stevenson:

Co-Founder & CEO

Maria Sendra:


Josephine Lai:


Avery James:

Kid Care Specialist & Website

Erik Smith:

Front-End Development

Ara Balian:

Quality Assurance & Logistics

Siyao Zhu:

User Experience Design

Yarik Hontar:

Back-End Development

Tracy Barba:

Marketing & Communication

Courtney Weinstien:

Product & Partnerships

Our Pups:

Nap, Play & Snuggle Specialists

At the heart of our team are the many volunteers who share ideas and inspiration for new product features and serve as Quality App Testers.